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October - Self-Regulation

Starting April 2021 and lasting for one year, each month the Scappoose Public Library will spotlight a new social-emotional skill for early learners. From empathy to responsibility to resiliency, we'll focus on some most important skills for your little one to practice. We'll have books to read together, activities for kids to explore, and information for parents. Thank you to the NW Early Learning Hub for a generous grant which will help fund this endeavor! In October we're learning about Self-Regulation.

October is about Self-Regulation

"Smile, breathe and go slowly." - Thich Nhat Hanh

Books about Self-Regulation

  • A World of Mindfulness by Erin Alladin
  • Bee Still by Frank J. Sileo
  • Berta's Boxes by Dario Alvisi
  • Big Feelings by Alexandra Penfold
  • Bunny Breaths by Kira Willey
  • David Gets in Trouble by David Shannon
  • Elmo is Mindful by Joe Mathieu
  • ¡Estoy Muy Enfadado! by Begoña Ibarrola
  • Fergal and the Bad Temper by Robert Starling
  • I Really Want the Cake by Simon Philip
  • It's Great to Keep Calm by Jordan Collins
  • It's Not My Fault by Jory John
  • Peaceful Like a Panda by Kira Willey
  • Sit With Me by Carolyn Kanjuro
  • Step Back from Frustration by Gill Hasson
  • Thank You Mind by Jennifer Cohen Harper
  • Waiting Is Not Forever by Elizabeth Verdick
  • We Listen To Our Bodies by Lydia Bowers
  • When Miles Got Mad by Abbie Schiller & Samantha Kurtzman-Counter

Activity: Deep Breathing

"Deep Breathing Exercise. Place your finger on a grey dot. Trace the arrow and take a deep breath in. Pause at the end of the arrow. Trace the next arrow and breathe out. Continue around the image several times." The image shows autumn leaves coming off a tree in a path. Along this path are five grey dots with black arrows leading from one to the next.

Engage with your child about Self-Regulation

  • Help children develop a toolbox of coping strategies to use when dysregulated. Learn to stop in the moment - stay calm and think - and not act on their big emotions.
    • Mental break (book, music, coloring, creativity, hobbies, games, movies)
    • Physical break (dance, sports, walk, stretch)
    • Spiritual break (yoga, meditation, mantra)
    • Sensory experience (sound, taste, touch, movement)
    • Grounding activity (deep breathing, slow counting, visual imagery)
    • Positive self-talk (affirmations)
    • Social support (ask for help, connect with a friend/ parent)
  • Ensure that children’s resource pool for regulation is regularly replenished.
    • Sleep, a balanced diet, and regular exercise are essential.
    • Help children plan for activities they enjoy and in which they do well.

Previous Social-Emotional Themes

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