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June - Being Brave

Starting April 2021 and lasting for one year, each month the Scappoose Public Library will spotlight a new social-emotional skill for early learners. From empathy to responsibility to resiliency, we'll focus on some most important skills for your little one to practice. We'll have books to read together, activities for kids to explore, and information for parents. Thank you to the NW Early Learning Hub for a generous grant which will help fund this endeavor!

June is for Being Brave.

"Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision." - Winston Churchill

Books about Being Brave:

  • El Bosque de la Serenidad by Susanna Isern
  • Breathe Deep, Little Sheep by Jessica Lee
  • Courageous Lucy by Paul Russell & Cara King
  • Doggie Gets Scared by Leslie Patricelli
  • Kaia y las Abejas by Maribeth Boelts
  • The Koala Who Could by Rachel Bright
  • A Little Bit Brave by Nicola Kinnear
  • The Little Book of Big What-Ifs by Renata Liwska
  • Little Monkey Calms Down by Michael Dahl
  • Lottie & Walter by Anna Walker
  • Me and My Fear by Francesca Sanna
  • My Monster and Me by Nadiya Hussain
  • Orion and the Dark by Emma Yarlett
  • ¿Qué te Preocupa? by Molly Potter
  • Ruby Finds a Worry by Tom Percival
  • Sloth Wasn't Sleepy by Kate Messner
  • Way Past Worried by Hallee Adelman
  • The Whatifs by Emily Kilgore
  • The Worry Box by Suzanne Chiew
  • Worrysaurus by Rachel Bright

Activities: Rainbow Breathing and Courage Badges

Features the outline of a rainbow and three badges. Two badges say "Courage Badge" while the center badge says "I can do hard things!" The rest of the text reads as follows: Color in your rainbow and use it for "Rainbow Breathing" when you are feeling upset. Rainbow Breathing: 1. Use your finger to trace the inside rainbow band. Breathe in slowly until you reach the end of the band. 2. Move to the next band and breathe out slowly as you trace to the end. 3. Repeat until you feel calmer. Courage Badges: Design and color these "Courage Badges". Whe you see someone you know do something that is hard for them, give them a badge and let them know you think they are brave! Make one for yourself for when you are practicing being courageous!

Engage with your child about Courage:

  • One of the best ways to encourage your child to be brave is to model courage in your own life. Step out of your comfort zone, talk to your child about how you are feeling, and ask them to be your cheerleader while you take on a difficult task.
  • Although it may be tempting to dismiss your child's fear, it's important to acknowledge that it is a big deal to them. Try saying something like "You feel nervous about meeting your new teammates" or "It seems like you are worried you won't do a good job". Just knowing that you understand their feelings can help. Let them know you are on their team and ready to support them.
  • Work with your child to find the best coping skills to use when they feel anxious. Try things like breathing exercises, meditation, writing their worries out, making a detailed plan, talking to a trusted friend or engaging in physical activities. Talk about what you do when you feel anxious, but remember that their coping skills might look different than yours.

Previous Social-Emotional Learning Themes

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